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Glow-up is here to answer any questions that you might have. Most people fail to prepare themselves for a long life just from the lack of not knowing. Well here, we answer a few of those questions for you. 

Questions: Can you provide the breakdown of the ingredients in the signature drips?​

  • Answer: Yes, all guests can be provided a breakdown of each signature drip.

Question: What are the risks associated with IV therapy?

  • Answer: IV therapy is a non-invasive procedure with minimal risk

  • Examples: Minor bruising around the puncture site of the IV catheter.

Question: Do you recommend special diets and/or lifestyles to your clients to coincide with the IV therapy for an overall better and healthier lifestyle?

  • Answer: Within my scope of practice I can only offer suggestions on ways to increase energy, weight loss, or solve vitamin deficiencies, I do not provide any diagnosis, or prescribing. You would need a licensed clinician.

Questions: Will I be able to sleep at night?

  • Answer: The energy you get from the IV nutrient therapy is natural, not chemically induced energy, like from caffeine or Redbull. It will not cause you to feel jittery. You will not experience the caffeine " crash " and it will not cause sleeplessness at night. Also, these are all water-soluble vitamins, the same food that we eat, just in a higher concentration. 

Question: How long does it take to start feeling the effects??

  • Answer: You're not going to walk out of there feeling like superman... it's more a feeling of liveliness and not being so exhausted after a day's work. Most people have come to accept that feeling tired after working all day is normal, but it is not. If we had our optimal levels of nutrients in our bodies, we would not be feeling this way.

Question: How often and how long does IV hydration last?

  • Answer: It just depends on your lifestyle and what you are looking to get out of it. Two opposite ends of the spectrum: athletes, runners, bicyclists, CrossFit, and weight trainers will be doing the drips once to twice a week; whereas, other people can get on a regimen to do them once every 4-6 weeks. However, it is something you need to be consistent with to maintain an optimal healthy lifestyle. 

Question: How do the nutrients from the IV drips remain in the bloodstream?

  • Answer: The bloodstream is a transporter of many things in the body and nutrients are one of them. Nutrients do not remain in the bloodstream entirely, nutrients are transported in the bloodstream directly to cells, where nutrients from IV infusions are used. 

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